Sunday, May 01, 2005

Discoveries at Vinitaly 2005:
Az. Agr. Podere Casale

Via Creta - 29010 Vicobarone Ziano Piacentino (PC)
Tel. 0523.868302 - Fax 0523.840114

The wines of the Colli Piacentini were already known in Roman times (during a debate in the Senate, Cicero criticized the Piacentine native Lucius Calpurnius Piso for speaking too highly of them), were exported to France in the 1300s, and were singled out for praise by in the 16th century by Sante Lancerio, Pope Paul III's cellermaster.

Unfortunately, as is the case with so many other wine producing areas of Italy, in the more recent past the emphasis shifted in large part to high volume, lower quality wines aimed at local consumers. As a result the region's renown faded, but now producers are again beginning to emphasize quality, and there are some very nice wines to be found.

I stopped at the Azienda Agricola Podere Casale's booth at Vinitaly by chance -- saw a friend talking to the winemaker, so I sat down and asked to have what he was having -- and was pleasantly surprised. It was a Gutturnio, a wine that is a blend of 55-70% Barbera and 30-45% Croatina, a varietal that is locally known as Bonarda.

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