Monday, May 02, 2011

A Selection of Rosati From Puglia

Puglia has long been known for making roses -- some of the varietals are simply best suited to pale pink wines, while others do yield them, especially if the winemaker performs a salasso, bleeding off some of the freshly pressed red grape must before fermentation begins to increase the concentration and complexity of what remains in the tank.

What is bled off contains sugar, and some color, and will of course ferment -- quite nicely in many cases, becoming a Rosato, which will be extremely pleasant to drink in the summer months.

The past couple of years I have been invited to a blind tasting of rosati organized by the Regione Puglia, to select which wines they will present at promotional events during the upcoming months. In some ways it's an unfair event for the wines, because they were all just bottled when we tasted them and somewhat to quite unsettled.

Because of this I am simply ordering the wines by varietal in the order that I liked them, with no scores, and invite you to consider this a quick overview, to be taken with a grain of salt, but that will give you some ideas for nice fresh fruity roses to be enjoyed in the coming summer months.

In some cases I did make margin notes (for want of a better term) as we tasted the flights and I have included them. Given time constraints -- the tasting took about an hour -- I didn't take notes.

Wines made primarily from Bombino Nero:

  • Rivera Pungirosa Castel del Monte DOC 2010
  • Marchesa Melograno IGT Daunia 2010
  • Torrevento Prima Ronda Castel Del Monte DOC 2010
  • Vignuolo Maniero Di Federico IGP PUGLIA 2010
  • Torrevento Matervitae IGT Puglia 2010
  • Dalfonso Del Sordo Posta Arignano San Severo DOC 2010
  • Crifo Due Carri Castel Del Monte DOC 2010
  • Villa Schinosa Rose Lavi' Igp Rosato Puglia 2010

Wines made primarily from Montepulciano

  • Valentina Passalacqua Giulia Rose' IGP Puglia 2010
  • Botromagno Silvium Murgia Rosato IGP 2010
  • Antica Cantina Di San Severo Posta 77 San Severo DOC 2010

A wine made from Primitivo
  • Pezza Viva Iris IGP Salento 2010 Note: It's orange

A wine made from Aleatico
  • Polvanera Polvanera Rosato IGT Puglia 2010 Note: one of those that most impressed me

Wines made primarily or exclusively from Negroamaro
  • Tenute Rubino Saturnino IGT Salento 2010
  • Mottura Le Pitre IGT Salento 2010
  • Azienda Monaci Girofle IGT Salento 2010
  • Castello Monaci Kreos IGT Salento 2010
  • Masseria Li Veli Rosato IGT Salento 2010
  • Paolo Leo Fuxia IGP Puglia 2010
  • Cantina Sociale Di Copertino Spinello Dei Falconi IGT Salento 2010
  • Valle Dell'asso Rosato Negroamaro Galatina DOC 2010
  • Mater Domini Marangi IGT Salento 2010 Note: Onionskin
  • Masseria Altemura Rosato IGT Salento 2010
  • Santi Dimitri Aruca IGT Salento 2010
  • Tormaresca Calafuria IGT Salento 2010 Note: a bit sweet
  • Palama' Metiusco IGP Salento
  • Cantine Due Palme Rosalita IGP Salento 2010 Note: Sweet and overly approachable
  • San Donaci Anticaia DOP Salice Salentino 2010 Note: Moderate fruit
  • Astore Massaro Rosa IGT Salento 2010
  • Michele Calo' & Figli Mjere IGT Salento 2010
  • Masseria Mita Mari' IGT Salento 2010
Well, That's It. Enjoy!

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