Thursday, May 10, 2012

Garantito IGP: Pian di Stio 2011, the Fiano from Cilento Certified by Water Buffalo

This time Luciano takes the stand:

Grapes: Fiano
Price: 5 to 10 for a half-liter bottle
Fermented and aged in steel

Visual: 5/5. Nose: 22/30. Palate: 24/30. True to Type: 30/35

The southermost Fiano produced in Campania is from the town of Stio, at an altitude of 450 meters in the heart of the Parco Nazionale del Cilento, and is organic.

It is from this land, which in addition to the vineyard has woods, potatoes and beans, fruit, and olives, that Peppino Pagano's adventure began: He was a successful hostler with the good fortune to have a son who was able to take over, giving him the opportunity to do what he likes: ecocompatible agriculture and raising water buffalo.

The cellars are near a terraced vineyard from which one can also see Capri, and there are stalls and manure production nearby. A way of life with which to begin anew.

This is a little-known part of the South, a beautiful part along side the temples. I admit to being partial, because I am from the Cilento, when the wine suspends time.

This white is upright, savory, essential, and austere -- not padded with fruit as is often the case with the Fiano from Irpinia. The umpteenth demonstration of the potential of one of the most important Italian white varietals.

We drink it with pasta with peas, in an odd half bottle format, and enjoy it, including it forthwitch among the treasures of Garantito IGP.

Offices at Giungano (Sa). Cellars at Stio Cilento, Contrada Zerrilli. Tel. 0828.1990900. Consulting winemaker: Riccardo Cotarella
16,50 hectares of vineyards, planted to fiano, falanghina, and aglianico. 70,000 bottles produced.

Published Simultaneously by IGP, I Giovani Promettenti.

We Are:
Carlo Macchi
Kyle Phillips
Luciano Pignataro
Roberto Giuliani
Stefano Tesi

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