Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Garantitpo IGP: 14 2008 Barbarescos That Impressed Us

Splitting seconds like so many Swiss Watches, at 8:30 AM the American, the Apulian, the Neapolitan and the two Tuscans (but not the Roman, who is abed with the flue) entered the offices of Wellcom in Alba, welcomed by the delightful sign Marinella Minetti tacked on the door.

Hugs and kisses, followed by 73 Barbaresco wines, perfectly served by two of Alba’s finest sommeliers. Our detailed comments on the wines will follow, but we were anxious to provide you with a first impression.

As is always the case when several people taste together some are struck by one and others by another, and we will publish our individual classifications anon, but these are the wines that impressed all of the Giovani Promettenti, in the order in which they were served:

  • Barbaresco 2008 Rocche Meruzzano Abrigo Orlando

  • Barbaresco 2008 Vallegrande Fratelli Grasso

  • Barbaresco 2008 Pajorè Rizzi

  • Barbaresco 2008 Torregiorgi

  • Barbaresco 2008 Pajè Boffa Carlo

  • Barbaresco 2008 Basarin Fratelli Giacosa

  • Barbaresco 2008 Martinenga Marchesi di Gresy

  • Barbaresco 2008 Bric Balin Moccagatta

  • Barbaresco 2008 Basarin Moccagatta

  • Barbaresco 2008 Sorì Montaribaldi Montaribaldi

  • Barbaresco 2008 Palazzina Montaribaldi

  • Barbaresco 2008 Rio Sordo Musso

  • Barbaresco 2008 Roncaglie Poderi Colla

  • Barbaresco 2008 Ad Altiora Taliano Michele

The Commune of Barbaresco did very well in this tasting, closely followed by Treiso, while the wines of Neive fell somewhat behind, primarily due to high alcohol contents. This said, we found the 2008 wines to be very young, almost too young on both nose and palate. Their future is bright, because many have tannic structures that can only helped by time. Nice hues, and balanced wood use are both reasons for joy on our parts.

We are: Carlo Macchi, Kyle Phillips, Luciano Pignataro. Pasquale Porcelli, and Stefano Tesi.

Next up: Barolo from Various Communes, La Morra and Novello!

Published Simultaneously by IGP, I Giovani Promettenti.

We Are:
Carlo Macchi
Kyle Phillips
Luciano Pignataro
Roberto Giuliani
Stefano Tesi

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