Monday, October 24, 2011

IGP Tastings: Verduno, Serralunga and More

The last day of tasting in Wellcom's offices in Alba for the IGP team: 2007 Barolo from the Communes of Verduno and Serralunga, and a few Barolo and Barbaresco wines from older vintages.

Just a few samples from Verduno, but high quality, with beautiful balance.

Serralunga instead, as usual, is striking in its power, which in this vintage was -- in some wines -- accompanied by excessive alcohol and tannins that are quite rustic. Just some, many of the other Serralunga wines instead display the classic tightly woven Serralunghese "megatannins", and with them the sensation is one of almost velvety fullness and balance that continues almost infinitely.

Once again, here are the wines that impressed us all; we all had to approve them, and therefore it just took one head shake for a wine to not make the list. When we publish our individual impressions, you will certainly find other wines that shine as well.

The last day we tasted 56 wines, and here are the 11 that impressed us all, in the order tasted:

  • Commendator G. B. Burlotto Acclivi Barolo DOCG 2007
  • Alessandria F.lli Gramolere Barolo DOCG 2007
  • Ascheri, Barolo Sorano Coste e Bricco Barolo DOCG 2007
  • Cascina Cucco, Barolo Cerrati Barolo DOCG 2007
  • Massolino, Barolo Parafada Barolo DOCG 2007
  • Porro Guido, Barolo Lazzairasco Barolo DOCG 2007
  • Porro Guido, Barolo S. Caterina Barolo DOCG 2007
  • Schiavenza, Barolo Prapò Barolo DOCG 2007
  • Sebaste Mauro, Barolo Prapò Barolo DOCG 2007
  • Rizzi Barbaresco DOCG 2007
  • Rizzi Barbaresco Boito DOCG 2007

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