Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Tasted at Radici: Macchiarola

The nicest thing about Radici is the variety of wineries participating: Some established names, and others that are very, very new.

Macchiarola falls into the latter category; The estate belongs to a family that has a Masseria, or farm complex, with 6 hecates of Primitivo, planted in 2005 a spalliera, which is a trellis system. The first vintage was 2007, and in 2010 they began to make Negroamaro, using the grapes from a vineyard that belongs to a neighbor.

The didn't filter the 2007 and 2008 vintages at all, but now clarify and filter lightly to increase stability.

Macchiarola Negroamaro 2010
Tank sample
Deep ruby. The nose is spicy and rather exotic, with savory notes and berry fruit mingled with some sweaty blonde and some sea salt. Not bad for a first attempt! On the palate it's quite bright, with lively sour berry fruit supported by lively acidity and fairly bright tannins that flow into a fairly warm finish. A fine food wine that will be perfect at a cookout or with grilled meats. Freshness in a glass.

Macchiarola Primitivo di Manduria DOC 2009
This was a different vintage, with high acidity that they compensated for by allowing the grapes to ripen further (and going through the vineyard to eliminate imperfect buches); they did obtain balance, but with 16% alcohol. It's in steel because they are still evaluating the vineyard. Deep pigeon blood ruby with brick rim. The bouquet is powerful and sweet, with savory notes and plum berry fruit mingled with sea salt, quite a bit of spice, and scalded milk. On the palate it's moderately rich, with plum prune fruit supported by some sweetness nicely balanced by savory accents and dried prune, and by tannins that have some warmth to them. The vineyard is still quite young and as a result the wine, though promising, lacks the depth future vintages will have. In short, a wine to keep an eye out for in future vintages.

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